Could it be that Wednesday is the misunderstood middle child?

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Motivational

Today is Wednesday! I thought “Oh, it’s Hump Day” then I thought, “I wonder when Wednesday got its nickname?” With a little bit of searching, the 1960s labeled Wednesday as “Hump Day” for the obvious, it is the middle of the “typical” workweek. There are also references to Mercury for the meaning of Wednesday, maybe that explains Wednesday’s sometimes unruly behavior.

There are also references that Wednesday is a grey, heart attack, stay in bed, break my heart kind of day. Hopefully, some will catch the reference, one of my faves!

Could it be that Wednesday doesn’t want to be difficult, grey, cause heartbreak, or make you want to stay in bed? Could it be that Wednesday is just the misunderstood middle child? Give Wednesday some LOVE, it is a milestone! We have made it half-way through the typical week! It is almost the weekend for those that work Monday – Friday! For those that work every day or don’t have the “typical” weekend days off, maybe Tuesday, Thursday, or even Friday is your “hump day” instead of the misunderstood middle child.

Regardless …

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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