Day 14 of the Quiet Launch: It’s a Wrap and Time for Adventure and Transition

by | May 30, 2023 | Business Growth Society

Hello everyone! It’s Day 14, the last day of our quiet launch for Business Growth Society™, it feels only fitting to pause and take a look back on the journey we’ve traversed together.

From Day 1, when we introduced the concept of a quiet launch for Business Growth Society™, it has been a whirlwind ride, full of learning and anticipation. Remember Day 2, when we tackled those pre-launch jitters, stressing the importance of taking that first bold step?

We discussed the unique vision of Business Growth Society™ on Day 3, a place designed specifically to champion entrepreneurs. Day 4 had us explaining the idea behind the ‘Quiet Launch,’ offering a stress-free, effective way to kickstart a new venture.

Celebrating the strength of community was the highlight of Day 5. We emphasized the importance of togetherness in building a network of dedicated professionals. On Day 6, we shared tips on maintaining a work-life balance amidst the hustle of a launch.

Day 7 saw the inception of our ‘Make It Happen Monday,’ a tradition fostering action and determination within Business Growth Society™. The eighth day had us sharing challenges we encountered along the way, underscoring the value of resilience and persistence.

As we journeyed into Day 9, we blended personal tales with lessons on the thrill of the entrepreneurial journey. Time-blocking, an effective strategy for work-life balance, was the focus of Day 10, followed by a sneak-peek into the offerings of Business Growth Society™ on Day 11.

Day 12 and 13 encouraged self-reflection, tackling mindset struggles, and maintaining a healthy mindset. We also gave a glimpse of what you can expect from the mini power sessions and Q&As in Business Growth Society™.

I want to say “Thank you“, everyone, for sticking around for this imperfect quiet launch. The experience has been invaluable, and I can’t wait to share more of it with our growing community inside the Business Growth Society.

And so the countdown rolls on! In the spirit of transparency (and in keeping with my M.I.A. philosophy), there will be a quiet spell tomorrow as I gear up for the exciting full launch. Initially, we’d planned for a June 1st kick-off, but in my excitement to quiet launch, I unrealistically assumed I could do it all at the same time, too many new adventures at the same time who would have thought, life’s about the ride, right?

I’ve got a golden opportunity to attend SubSummit in Dallas alongside MandieLee, and it’s an event that’s too significant to pass up. Staying in the loop, catching the buzz on trends, and grasping the pulse of the ever-evolving scene is crucial. Why? Because you deserve nothing but the best. By staying current, I can serve my clients and members of the Business Growth Society with the absolute best strategies and resources.

Trust me, this isn’t just about growth; it’s about the adventure, too. I can’t wait to see MandieLee rub elbows with some of the most inspiring figures in our field. If you happen to be at SubSummit too, let’s definitely connect. I’d love to hear your story and your adventure.

So, here’s to us, our adventure, and our continued growth, triumphs, and above all, taking action together!



P.S. Mark your calendars! Monday, June 12th, I will be LIVE  with a mini-power session!  You won’t want to miss it! Details will be in your inbox Tuesday, June 6th!


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