Halfway to the Launch: An Exciting Preview of Business Growth Society!

by | May 23, 2023 | Business Growth Society, Marketing

Hello there!

We’re halfway through the quiet launch of the Business Growth Society™, and the anticipation is building up! This approach, stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the fear, has been a refreshing experience. It’s reminded me of why I’m embarking on this exciting journey – to serve and support other female entrepreneurs just like you.

So, why the Business Growth Society™?

I’ve been providing 1:1 business concierge services to my clients, and it’s been a fulfilling journey. But the drive to help more people and the realization that not everyone is ready or prefers the 1:1 format has inspired me to create this platform. The idea is to offer the same level of guidance, but in a community setting where learning and growing is a collective experience.

I can’t wait to have you all on board when we open the doors! For a bonus treat when we go live, sign up for the waitlist here.

And oh, here’s a little teaser for you: Our first Power Session is going to be about a game-changer in the tech world right now. We’ll explore its pros, cons, how to implement it, and leverage it to your advantage. Excited yet?

Remember, in the Business Growth Society™, we do the hard things, we step out of our comfort zones and we grow together!

In personal news, it’s Monday and I’m busy batching content. There’s something satisfying about getting all my thoughts out of my head and onto paper or screen. It’s like a brain-decluttering session! Once I’ve wrapped up my work for the day, it’s time to take a walk with Kokoa and spend time with the family.

Tomorrow, we’ll delve a little deeper into what makes Business Growth Society™ special. See you on Day 8!


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