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by | Feb 22, 2022 | Gabb Sessions

Hey There, Welcome to Gabbie + Company!

If you have come to this site you are probably wanting to know a little bit more about Stephanie (akaGabbie) or Gabbie + Company, check out our ABOUT or SERVICES page.

On behalf of the team, let me start by personally saying “Hello. Welcome. Thank you for stopping by!”

I am always updating, creating, blogging, educating, inspiring, and sharing so stop by often, grab the current amazing freebie, or send me a message

We have had the “Under Construction” sign on the “virtual door ” for a while, actually for way too long. People say that life gets in the way, I think I get in my own way and life happens. So, because I am human, and sometimes think or wish I was superhuman (yes, I just laughed out loud and did an eye roll), there have been many unexpected delays in the full “perfect” launch of Gabbie + Company. There have been “micro launches” with “bits and pieces” of the vision, but not that perfect Ta-dah! that I wished for or intended. Life has just been happening.

Rather than continue to wait to launch the perfect site the I have made the executive decision to just be 100% authentic and transparent, to go live and let our followers see the dust, growth, mistakes, and well,  the imperfect perfection. Reminding myself that perfect is not done.  

So, Welcome!

Thank you!

I look forward to being MIA (Mindful, Authentic, Intentional), Sharing, Educating, and Inspiring, and always giving you my Best!


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