Embracing the Mid-Year Milestone: A Reflection on Growth and New Beginnings

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Motivation and Inspiration

Hey there!

As we bid farewell to June and welcome the vibrant energy of July, I find myself in a state of reflection and anticipation. It’s not just the end of a month, it’s the beginning of a new quarter, and the start of my birthday month!

I have so much to celebrate and be grateful for. I’m surrounded by loved ones every day, I have the privilege of working with amazing clients, and I’ve just launched a passion project that’s close to my heart – the Business Growth Society™

If you haven’t heard about my quiet, imperfectly perfect launch, I invite you to check out my blog or the VIP page. VIP special access is available for the next 5 days.

Throughout June, I held complimentary LIVE Power Sessions where we dove into topics like time blocking, leveraging AI, productivity, setting priorities, and more. Each Power Session was followed by a Q&Action session, where we didn’t just answer questions, we created actionable steps for business owners to create or recreate their version of success. It’s been a blast!

As we step into July, I’m excited about the official Power Sessions and weekly Q+Action sessions. There’s so much to look forward to! ️

Today, as we mark the halfway point of the year, I’m refining the Business Growth Society™, wrapping up a few client projects, and refining my plan for the next six months. Half-year check-ins can be exciting when we focus on what we’ve accomplished and how we can achieve the things we feel we should’ve accomplished. It’s a bit of a reset, a chance to start anew.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be launching another passion project in July. Will it be perfect? Nope, but that’s okay. Imperfectly perfect is how I roll because if I waited for perfection, I would never accomplish anything. My feelings around “perfect” are for another conversation.

So, what amazing things are you planning for the remainder of the year? What incredible thing or things have you accomplished so far? If you haven’t reflected yet, you might want to pause, reflect and be pleasantly surprised at just how much you really have done. Remember, don’t compare your progress to anyone else’s. Your one thing might be someone else’s 10 things, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular.

Here’s to reflecting and looking forward. Keep shining, my friends! ✨

Stay MIA – Mindful, Intentional, and Authentic.

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