Rise Like a Phoenix: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs to Conquer Tech Overwhelm and Soar to Success

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Motivational

I have been feeling creative lately.  I believe it is because I have an overwhelming amount of stress these days and it helps me decompress, reset, and become inspired to push through the fire. Sometimes I take a photograph, hike, or write, I would like to share a few words about this particular creation.

This poem was crafted with love and dedication to celebrating my (Stephanie Marie, Gabbie + Company) mission of empowering female entrepreneurs. My aim was to encapsulate the essence of their journey, drawing inspiration from the powerful analogy of the Phoenix (I absolutely love the Phoenix!). I wanted to emphasize the importance of a positive mindset, mindfulness, intentionality, and authenticity, as these qualities are key to overcoming challenges in business and life (for me right now it is both, business and life). I hope to inspire and encourage at least one person as they embark on their entrepreneurial adventure (and yes it is an adventure), with support and guidance …

In a realm of dreams, where ideas take flight,
A Phoenix soars, basking in golden light.
Stephanie Marie, with Gabbie + Company,
Guides female entrepreneurs, helps them to grow.

Rising from the ashes, a symbol of might,
The Phoenix’s journey begins in the night.
In the fiery furnace, where passions ignite,
The Phoenix takes flight, a vision so bright.

Like the mythical bird, they shall rise,
Through struggles and challenges, they’ll realize,
The strength within, that can’t be denied,
Empowered by a mindset that’s on their side.

With mindful intentions, they’ll conquer it all,
Gabbie and Company, they’ll answer the call.
Tech overwhelm, a challenge no more,
Entrepreneurial dreams, they’ll open the door.

Authentic in purpose, with unwavering grace,
Together they’ll build a supportive space.
Where women in business can truly thrive,
Creating a legacy, they’ll keep dreams alive.

Rising like a Phoenix, they’ll forge anew,
With Stephanie Marie, their guide is so true.
For in this world, where the strong prevail,
Her wisdom and guidance shall never fail.

With every challenge, their resilience grows,
Fueled by the fire that is inside them glows.
In a world of change, they’ll take a stand,
Mindful, intentional, hand in hand.

So rise, dear Phoenix, take to the sky,
For with each new dawn, a new chance to try.
With Stephanie Marie, they’ll find their way,
Gabbie + Company, guiding the fray.

As female entrepreneurs, together they’ll soar,
With hearts ablaze, they’ll create something more.
For, in the end, they’ll all understand,
The power and strength that lies in their hands.

Until next time …

Stephanie Marie, akaGabbie, Gabbie + Company, Business Concierge and Women Entrepreneur Consulting Services

©2023 Stephanie Marie, Gabbie + Company, LLC | All Rights Reserved


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