Day 10 of the Quiet Launch: Taming the Overwhelm with Time Blocking

by | May 26, 2023 | Business Growth Society

Hello again,

I have been asked to share some of the details of the actual launch of Business Growth Society™. So, as we move into Day 10 of the quiet launch, I wanted to take a moment to talk about a crucial strategy that has been the backbone of this project – time blocking.

Now, the launch of Business Growth Society™ has been a goal of mine for quite a while, and life, as it often does, threw a few curveballs my way. It would have been easy to push this aside, to table it once again. But my vision for Business Growth Society™ and the potential I knew it held was too compelling.

So, how did I manage to keep going despite the obstacles?

Enter time blocking.

I took out my highlighters, MY PA, my electronic calendar, and a stack of notebooks filled with details about Business Growth Society™. I looked at my existing commitments, the pending projects, and my daily routines. Then, I started inserting tasks related to the launch into specific blocks of time in my calendar.

Each task got its designated slot, from creating content to mapping out the launch specifics. But it didn’t stop there. Life isn’t all about work, is it? I also blocked out time for family, for myself, for my beloved pups, and even for some rare moments behind the camera.

This method – color-coding, scheduling, and checking off boxes – has been instrumental in bringing us this far in our quiet launch. And the best part is that time blocking is a strategy that can be applied to any project, big or small.

Because time blocking has been such a game-changer for me, and I often get asked about how I manage my projects. Inside the Business Growth Society is where we will take a deep dive into more strategies that can revolutionize the way you work and succeed but until then,

Here’s a quick breakdown of the method I’ve been using:

  1. Define your tasks: Start by listing everything that you need to get done for your launch.
  2. Estimate your time: Assign a time estimate to each task. Be realistic here. We often underestimate how long tasks will take.
  3. Prioritize: Decide on the order of tasks. Consider their importance, deadlines, and your personal energy levels throughout the day.
  4. Block your time: Now comes the fun part. Grab your highlighters (yes, we’re bringing colors into play!) and start filling in your calendar. Assign a color to each type of task. For instance, I use green for content creation, blue for technical setup, yellow for community engagement, and so on.
  5. Stick to your schedule: The key to effective time blocking is respecting the blocks you’ve set up. They are your road map, guiding you through the launch process without overwhelming you.

So, remember, success often comes down to how well you can manage your time and commit to your goals. With time blocking, you’re not just dreaming about success – you’re actively making time for it.

In the meantime, don’t forget to take care of yourself – and yes, block some time out for that too!



* MY PA is the printed planner I currently use in my business.  I absolutely love it and have been using it for many years now.  If you purchase the planner from my link I may receive a commission on your purchase.  I only provide affiliate links for products and or services that I use, have used, and find value or love!


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