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Enough is enough! The time is now!

Need help sharing your expertise with the world? Do you have an amazing idea for a course or membership?  Have you created the content but do know what tech you need or are overwhelmed with all the tech that is needed to launch your course or membership? I can help.  

Together we will gather all your greatness and with my help we will co-create your amazing course or membership site.  At the end of your VIP Days you will have a membership/course ready to share with the world. 


The VIP “Done in a Day and a Half” sessions offered by Stephanie Marie, Gabbie + Company, is a highly customized, focused, and intense day-and-a-half implementation service for female entrepreneurs ready to launch or grow their online businesses. The service is designed for coaches, creators, educators, and female entrepreneurs who are suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS), are overwhelmed by tech, or have an idea for a course or membership site but need help with implementation.

The sessions are divided into two parts: the “Half” and the “Day.” During the “Half,” Stephanie and the participant will have a 60-90-minute planning session to discuss the items that need to be prepared before the “Day.” The “Day” is when the implementation and co-creation of the project will take place, and the participant will need to be readily available and have all necessary assets ready. After the “Day,” Stephanie will provide support and guidance (via email) on how to maintain the project.


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