Tech Tip: Save Your Work, Save Your Sanity

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Content Creation, Tech Tip

Hey there, Today’s tech tip comes straight from a rookie mistake I made recently. Yes, even I make them. If you know, you know (IYKYK).

Here’s the short version: When you’re writing content, always write it in a document, notepad, or somewhere other than the platform you’re posting on. Save it. Then copy and paste it to your desired location. Update/Save. Voila! Success.

Now, let’s dive into the backstory. This reminder comes from a recent experience in my business. And when I say recent, I mean within the last day. 

As some of you may know, I’m building and growing a membership community, Business Growth Society™
. It’s a space designed to help female entrepreneurs launch, grow, and pivot their businesses by conquering the overwhelm with tech, systems, processes, content, social media, websites, and landing pages… you get the idea.

With the building and launching comes tech, of course. I was so confident that I had conquered the tech gremlins that had appeared late last week that I created content directly in the platform I was updating. (IYKYK where this is going) This is a hard ‘no’ in my book, as I know better. Why? Because the UPDATE erased all my amazing content. Gone. Poof!

Had I written and saved the amazing copy in a doc, note, text anywhere other than the platform, I would be copying and pasting said content onto the now blank updated platform. Instead, I’m recreating, again.

If you create your own content or content for others, you know that some days are easier than others. Writing is a creative process and staring at a blank page for minutes that seem like hours is real, a real struggle.

So, today’s tech tip is to create your content, save it somewhere safe, and then copy, paste, and save it on the desired platform.

Save yourself some stress and time. It seems the keyword for today is Save. Save. Save. 

Stay MIA, mindful, intentional, and authentic,


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