Tech Tip Thursday –

This week’s Tech Tip Thursday focus is on

It seems that every day there is a “new” technology that is going to grow your business or make life easier. I am not against new technology, I am a bit of a geek and teach others how to leverage technology, but lately, I feel like I just can’t keep up. For clarification purposes, when I refer to technology I am referring to all sorts of apps, software, and/or devices and whatever else can fall partially or all into this category.

This week’s latest, greatest, bright shiny technology or app is Actually, it’s been around for a hot second but I am just now getting to it. It’s one of seven applications I have conquered in the last two weeks. I will discuss many other technologies at another time. 

So,, not difficult at all. Less than 5 minutes to set up. allows you to direct your followers to all your “stuff” with just one link! How cool is that? Well if it isn’t cool it is convenient.

The free version is what I am taking for a spin right now to see if I use it enough to justify an upgrade. I would describe it as a social media business/social card or a mini landing page with all your “links”  in one location. You give someone your link, they click, and viola they are taken to a landing page that you have customized to point them in whatever directions they desire … Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, your website, YouTube, unlimited links on the basic plan. The Pro Plans gives you more control, several more features, and customization. If you are a hardcore Social Media Icon then the Pro Plan may be just what you need. For now, for me, because there are so many other bright shiny objects (platforms + projects) that have my attention I am running with the basic plan.  

In summary, I see as …

  • Social Media Business Card 
  • Quick, easy, convenient setup 
  • Easier to have it than not, especially since the basic plan is free
  • Try it, you might just like it and it might just make things a little more convenient.

Give it a spin and check mine out