Navigating New Routines: The Power of Time Blocking

by | May 15, 2023 | business growth, Motivation and Inspiration, Personal Growth and Productivity

As I continue my journey, growing my business, embracing new chapters, and exploring fresh perspectives, I find myself adjusting my routine as the routine I had no longer works, it is that simple. And when things stop working then you adjust! Just as the wildflowers I talked about last week, which some may see as weeds but to me symbolize resilience and beauty, routines can be perceived differently by each of us. They may appear mundane to some, but for me, they help me in so many ways.

With the ability to work from anywhere, having a routine is so, so important, did I express how important it is? It’s my accountability partner that keeps me grounded in the midst of change, and this adventure of entrepreneurship and life. Those that know me will hear me say, remember to be MIA – Mindful, Intentional, and Authentic. And make sure what you are doing is in alignment with the end goals, your goal, your passion, not someone else’s!

So what is one of my big not-so-secret tactics? Time Blocking ⌛.

Yep, Time blocking is a tool I have been using on my journey for years, some days I am more disciplined than others, but it is the foundation of my week, month, and, well you get the picture. If someone tells me they don’t have enough time, the first thing I typically say is to audit your days for a week and time block what is most important to you! It’s about setting specific time slots ⏲️ for different tasks or activities throughout your day, creating a visual and tangible plan that you can stick to.

This technique is not new and has been called a million and one different names. Think of the analogy of big rocks, little rocks, sand, and water (if you don’t know about this, send me a message and I will fill you in).

Time blocking allows me to maintain focus, create discipline, and enhance productivity—it’s the stop sign to rabbit holes (I love a good rabbit hole) all while being in alignment with my current goals and authentic self. Think of time blocking as your accountability partner helping you navigate life’s busyness. We are the ones in control of our time ⏰ and how we choose to spend it.

Want to get started with time blocking or refine your current method of time accountability? It’s as simple as:

1️⃣ Identify your tasks: These could be work-related or personal tasks that you need to accomplish. What is most important to YOU! 2️⃣ Prioritize: Not all tasks are created equal. Some require more time and energy. Prioritize based on importance and urgency. 3️⃣ Block your time: Allocate specific time slots for each task in your schedule. I take it one step further and color code the different tasks based on category. 4️⃣ Stay disciplined: The key to time blocking is sticking to your schedule. Treat the time slots as unbreakable appointments.

I am one of those that use a printed planner as well as electronic calendars. Typically, every Sunday I sit down to review my electronic calendars and color my week in my paper planner. There is something relaxing about coloring your week and knowing what is ahead and feeling like you are in control of the happenings of one’s life or maybe it is just the coloring. Either way it works for me and could possibly work for you if what you are doing is not working as well as you would like.

Remember, it’s all about being MIA in your approach to time blocking. Be Mindful of your energy levels throughout the day, Intentional about what you choose to focus on, and Authentic to your own rhythms and needs.

I would love to hear your thoughts on time blocking and how you manage your routines. How do you keep them MIA? Do you have any tips or insights you’ve discovered on your journey? Drop some below and share your experiences. Together, we can inspire each other to embrace the beauty of our routines and turn every new chapter into an opportunity for growth.

Until next time, be MIA,


*note, if your purchase the MY PA planner from the link above, I may receive an affiliate commission.  Please know I have been using the planner for many years and recommend because I LOVE it! You will too!


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