From Concept to Reality: The Journey Begins for Business Growth Society

by | May 17, 2023 | Business Growth Society

Hey, everyone!

Guess what? I’ve been quietly brewing something amazing, something born out of my own experiences. You see, I’ve been down those rabbit holes of countless ideas, stalled by my own pursuit of perfection, and attended more free courses, boot camps, and masterminds than I can count. And you know what? After all that, I often found myself wishing for something more… something live, interactive, and real.

So, I had this lightbulb moment! Why not offer my 1:1 private business concierge services in a group setting? You know, make it live with the flexibility of replay for those who can’t join in real-time. I mean, I’ve been doing this for clients for years, right? Surely, I can do it for myself!

Funny thing is, it’s often easier to create magic for others than it is for ourselves, isn’t it? That’s definitely me. But enough of that! It’s time to kick procrastination and worry to the curb.

Now, here’s the exciting part! I’ve decided to do a ‘quiet launch’ for my passion project, Business Growth Society. This project has been my little secret, my labor of love for well over 18 months now, possibly closer to 24 months if I’m really laying all my cards on the table.

So, today is the day! Welcome to Day 1 of 16 in the quiet launch of Business Growth Society! ta-dah (in a whisper, of course, because we’re launching quietly! lol)

Be sure to swing by tomorrow for Day 2. I’ll be sharing more about what this ‘quiet launch’ business is all about and diving deeper into what Business Growth Society has in store for you. Can’t wait to see you then!


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